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Key Stage 1 Team



Mrs J McMurrough

Key Stage 1 Leader

and Derwent Class Teacher


I’ve been working in schools for over 11 years.  This is the third school that I have worked in having previously taught in schools in both Leeds and Bolton.

Every day in school is different so there is lots of variety in the job and that keeps it interesting.   The children are so unique, entertaining and passionate about learning and this drives me to prepare and teach lessons that are fun and engaging for all pupils.  Teaching allows me to use my creative skills and talents on a daily basis and I thoroughly enjoy each and every day in school.

I like being part of the whole school team and as Key Stage 1 leader I’m able to make a difference by leading others and sharing good practice.  I also enjoy being part of the school community and recognise the importance of the role of parents in their child’s education.  Having recently become a parent myself I fully understand how special each and every child is to their parent and family and this has confirmed the value of the job that I do on daily basis.

At my last school I got to work alongside my mum.  She taught me about dedication, hard work and resilience and made me the teacher I am today.

The word to describe me as a professional would be 'Dedicated'.




Miss A Benson

Y1 Calder Class Teacher


I have been working at Valley View for 4 1/2 years but working in schools for 8 years.

I love my job because I love working with children, everyday is different. I love watching children learn and grow, especially when they realise themselves they have learnt how to do something.

I don't have one particular moment, funny things happen quite often when working with 5 year olds! But my favourite moments are watching things which the children have been practising for a while, such as assemblies and nativity productions. I really love seeing how confident they are and watching them show off what they have learnt to their parents.

A word to describe me would be 'Dependable'.




Mrs S Wells

Y1 Calder Class

Teaching Assistant

I have worked in schools for 2 1/2 years.

What I like about working in schools is being challenged everyday and working with children of all ages.

The reason why I like working at Valley View is the commitment and high standards the school has of all the staff and children.

There have been many experiences I can smile at in my short time working in schools. One being a Year 3 student had been struggling with their maths for weeks but still persevered on, the moment they understood how to work the problem out and could do it again independently was fantastic. The student danced around the classroom telling everyone they knew how to do it, their face lit up.  These to me are the best moments working in a school, seeing the children achieve, learn and being able to express themselves.

A word to describe me? - 'Dedicated'.




Mrs H Dutton

Calder Class Teaching Assistant

I have worked in both preschool and Primary School for eight years in total.

What I like about being in school is working hard, being challenged and seeing pupils progress and achievements, not forgetting their humour. Plus in Valley View both staff and children are very caring for one another.

The best thing when working with a child for two years who was autistic. This child was such a willing, hard worker and absolutely hilarious. Many occasions there would be up roar due to the child's laugh! I will never forget this child's personality and what I learnt about autism myself.

A word to describe me is 'Dedicated'.



Miss A Gaskell

Y1 Crimple Class Teacher


I have been working in schools for 3 years qualified or 7 years if you include placements!

Working in a school brings new challenges everyday! You need to be ready for anything and everything that comes your way.

The best thing that has happened (or happens) whilst working in a school is meeting some incredible children and adults. It is wonderful when you find out that a child, parent or colleague has a certain skill, interest or hobby and you see them succeed in it.

The word that describes me as a professional is 'Organised!'



Mrs L Sowden

Y1 Crimple Class Teaching Assistant

 I have worked in schools for 5 years altogether (almost 3 now at Valley View).

My favourite thing about working in schools: Every day is different and working with children is always entertaining.

Whenever a child has that 'lightbulb' moment, when they've struggled to understand something - then it clicks. The look of pride and achievement you get to see never gets old. I love it.

A word to describe me is 'Trustworthy'.




Mrs P Bissitt

Y1 Teaching Assistant

I have been working in schools approximately 13 years.

No two days are ever the same in school. The school is an amazing learning environment made better by the natives (staff and pupils alike).

There have been WAY TOO MANY funniest moments, but the most recent... The pet piranha incident... I thought they said 'pet banana' this led to one of the funniest conversations with a 5 year old. 

The word that describes me as a professional is 'Stalwart' -old fashioned I know- but true!



Mrs J Edwards

Y2 Derwent Class Teaching Assistant


I have been working in school for four years properly (and two years volunteering).

Best thing about working in Valley View-the kids!

The best thing about working in school is the relationships built between the children and between the other adults-there is never a dull moment and you never know what may happen next!!

Adaptable is a word I would use most days! 






Miss C Gregory

Y2 Deepdale Class Teacher

I have been a teacher for just over 11 years now!

The best thing about working in a school is that every day is different.

I think one of the things I always enjoy the most is Christmas time in school as it is truly magical! Years of staging a Nativity have probably also provided me with some of the funniest moments of my career as once a child is on stage you have little control over what they might say or do... especially when they are only 6 years old!

The word that describes me as a professional: 'Involved'.



Mrs K Rhodes

Y2 Deepdale Class Teaching Assistant

Valley View is my first TA position I've been here for just over three years. In a previous life I was a IT product Manager.

I love the fact that every day is different and that each child is an individual who I can help and support.

The best thing is that a wet tissue can cure ALL ailments!

A word to describe me would be 'Optimistic'.






 Mrs P Hudson

Y2 Deepdale Class Teaching Assistant

I have worked in schools for 14 years.

What I love about my job is that every day is so different.  I love the smiles and hugs I receive from the children and the feeling of achievement when you have worked with the children and they finally get it!

I think one of the best things for me was when I worked in a Year 6 class and after SATs, the children formed a company to raise funds for a final day trip to the seaside.  They did bob-a-job week, bun sales, ice-cream sales and much more.  They raised enough money for a trip to Filey.  It was an amazing day and a great trip for their final days together as a class.

A word to describe me: ‘Affable’.



Miss A Smyth

KS1 Teacher (on maternity leave)

I have been working in schools for 8 years.

I love my job because every day is different. You never know what’s around the corner and this makes it fun, challenging but most of all exciting.

One of the best parts about working in schools has got to be seeing children grow in confidence and enjoying their learning. It is also amazing to see children achieve and progress throughout the year. By the end of each academic year I always feel proud of what all the children have achieved.

A word to describe me is 'Caring'.