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Aire Class


20 July

This week we have said goodbye to the chicks. We were very excited when they hatched and have really enjoyed watching them grow! 

29 June

Today the children were asked to write about anything they wanted to for morning work. We had lots of interesting writing, including this piece about seeing Donald Trump! Please remember to put any interesting writing your child does at home on Tapestry!

20 June

The warm weather has given us lots of opportunities to learn outside this term, and we are not the only ones who have been enjoying our outdoor area! We have found some interesting mini beasts!

18 May

We have had lots of fun using the beebots this week. We have been busy making instructions for our friends to follow and have had fun trying to negotiate the beebots around obstacles.


5 May

We have been learning how to halve, double and share objects in reception class. It has been very tricky but we have been working very hard.


20 April

We have had lots of fun outside this week. We have been bust building obstacle courses and balancing and jumping with our friends. We have been making talent shows and impressing Miss Fiddes with our singing, acting and dancing. We even found a huge spider and enjoyed counting its legs and watching it move. What an exciting week!

28 March 

We have had a fantastic time in our new role play area this week. We have all enjoyed having our hair done and the children have been busy designing and writing about new hair trends. They have even been using money to pay. 





9 March

We have enjoyed looking at stories and books this week in Aire Class. We have read stories with our friends, had a go at writing about our favourite stories and made story maps.




9 February 2017

We have been working hard all term in Aire class to earn our class treat. The children decided that they wanted to make chocolate. First we tasted some different chocolates and sweets to decide what kind of chocolate we would like to make. Then we washed our hands and talked about how it is important to have clean hands when preparing food. We broke the chocolate into pieces and put it in the microwave. I showed the children the timer and we waited for the chocolate to melt. The children told me that the chocolate would be hot when it came out of the microwave so I used an oven glove to take the chocolate out and we all had a turn at mixing it. We chose our fillings and put them into ice cube trays and then carefully spooned the melted chocolate on top. When the chocolate had set we tasted our chocolates. They were delicious!



26 January 2017

This week we went on a winter walk around the school grounds. We found some frosty things in the playground and talked about how the trees now have no leaves on. We had lots of fun looking at the seasonal changes.


17 January 2017

We have been practising our sounding out this week in Aire Class.  The children had to put a vowel in the middle of the consonants, sound it out and say was it a real word or a nonsense word?



14 December 2016

We were sooooooo proud of all our Reception children this week.  We were treated to their fantastic singing, dancing and speaking as they performed "Shine Star, Shine" for us.



*Proud teachers and proud parents.*


2 December 2016

Christmas has come to Aire Class this week.  The children have been enjoying using the iPads to make Christmassy pictures.  They have learned how to take photos of themselves, and then how to decorate and "improve" them using an app called Doodle Buddy.  They also practised their letter formation and fine motor control by writing their names.




2 November 2016

We had our Reception Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to look around the classrooms and have a play, as well as hearing about what and how we teach.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentations we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Phonics and Reading

PDF icon  Maths 

PDF icon  Writing

PDF icon  Tapestry