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Calder Class


21st July 2017

Last week Calder Class met their Year 2 teacher, Mrs McMurrough. All of the children had a brilliant week in their new classroom, finding out about all of the things they will be getting up to next year. 

While they were in Year 2 they read a book called Camille and the Sunflowers. They painted some pictures of sunflowers as well as wrote their own versions of the story. In maths they learned all about the number 3, solving calculations with the number 3 as well as counting in 3s. 

Although some of the children were a little bit nervous beforehand, they all had an exciting week and now can't wait to continue their learning in Year 2 after the holidays! 


27th June 2017

Calder Class had an amazing time for Sports Day last week. They were all so enthusiastic about their races and cheered loudly for their teams to win.






12th June 2017

Before the holidays Year 1 went on a school trip to Skipton Castle. It was an amazing day and the whole class really enjoyed themselves. We had a tour of the castle and looked in all the different rooms. Our tour guides told us stories of things that would have happened there and even let us role play. We saw the dungeon where the prisoners were kept and it was quite scary when the lights were turned off! We even got to pretend to shoot arrows from the windows at the approaching enemies. The whole class were exhausted on the way home and we had to wake a lot of them up when we arrived back at school!




19th May 2017

On Tuesday this week Year 1 enjoyed taking part in Medieval Day. We made feather pencils to write with and coats of arms which represented the things we liked. In the morning we prepared food for our feast and chose some children to sit at the top table, ready for our banquet in the afternoon. We had a go at some medieval dancing and loved trying the pie and pears we had made. The jesters were great at trying to make the King and Queen laugh. 






2nd May  2017

We have been reading a book called 'The Emperor of Absurdia'.  It is a fantasy story with lots of unusual things in it.  We listened very carefully to the story and then wrote our own descriptions of the setting.  We also had a go at creating our own collages of what we think Absurdia might look like.  Whilst doing this we had to try to remember all of the things mentioned in the story, such as umbrella trees, sky fish, bouncy mountains and pillow hills. 




20th April  2017

This week we have begun our new topic 'Castles'. Calder Class have been very busy and we have already learnt about the different parts of a castle as well as William the Conqueror. The most exciting thing we have learnt this week however, is that we are going to visit Skipton Castle in 4 weeks! 


15th March 2017

This week in maths we have been learning all about halves and quarters. We have learnt how to halve and quarter a shape, an object and a number. 





22nd February 2017

Growth Mindset

This week have begun thinking about Growth Mindset and what this means. We are really focusing on perseverance and not giving up, even when our work becomes tricky and challenging.
For our Growth Mindset challenge we have made our own cup and ball games. We began practising this morning, most of us found it very tricky. 




3rd February 2017

Abbey House Museum

The children absolutely loved their first school trip to Abbey House Museum in Kirkstall. We learnt all about old and new toys and even got to have a go at playing with some of them. The children really enjoyed dressing up and exploring the old shops, however going on the coach was incredibly exciting too! They were all very polite and well behaved, it was a pleasure to take them out.





23rd January 2017

Last week in Calder Class we conducted an experiment to see which material would be best to use for a waterproof coat. 

We tested felt, paper, foil and cotton. It was clear that foil would be the best material to use, it was the only one which didn't let the water through. 





19 January 2017

Happy New Year to you all!  We had our Year 1 Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to come in and hear about what and how we teach, as well as asking lots of questions of the staff!  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentations we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Phonics Presentation

PDF icon  Reading Presentation

PDF icon  Writing Presentation

PDF icon  Maths Presentation