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Derwent Class

9th February 2018

Year 2 put on a fantastic performance of 'The Enormous Turnip' this week.  They sang, spoke, acted and danced beautifully and thoroughly impressed us.  Well done Year 2!









25th January 2018

Derwent Class have had a very busy couple of weeks.  We were lucky enough last week to have a visitor in our classroom who told us all about how to play the cornet and gave us a demonstration.  We all thoroughly enjoyed this and it built lots of enthusiasm for playing musical instruments.


11th January 2018

Happy New Year!

As part of our science learning about 'Living things' the children have been sorting different objects and animals into those that are 'Living', 'Dead' and have 'Never been alive'.  We had lots of interesting discussions about this topic and about how we know if something is alive.  We also discussed about certain objects being made from materials that once lived.



13th December 2017

This week the children have been designing and making 'Dragon Puppets'.  They cut pieces of fabric into a specified shape using a template and then joined the pieces together using a running stitch.  They then decorated their dragons to match their design.  Following this they completed an evaluation and recorded whether their end product matched their design criteria.  They also considered what they would do differently next time.



30th November 2017

Over the past couple of weeks we have been learning about dragons.  The children learned to describe lots of different dragons and used talk and actions to practise using new vocabulary.  They then designed their own dragons and presented their ideas to the class.


 16th November 2017

We have taken part in Anti-bullying week this week and have carried out lots of activities to celebrate how special, unique and different we all are.  We also talked about what bullying is and how to deal with bullying.

To make our learning memorable Key Stage 1 worked with children in different classes and with different teachers for the morning on Wednesday.  They enjoyed working in different classrooms and carried out lots of creative activities that encouraged them to think about how people are different.


We also carried out an activity with a partner where we thought carefully about different people's characteristics and wrote them on a piece of paper.  The children then took a photograph of their partner using an iPad.


2nd November 2017

This week the children came into the classroom to find a suitcase from the past.  The suitcase contained artefacts that would have been used at the seaside many years ago.  We therefore did lots of learning about seasides in the past and compared them to what seasides are like today.


20th October 2017

Last Thursday we did lots of our lessons outside to celebrate 'Outdoor Learning Day'.  For our English lesson we practised our handwriting on the playground using large letters and different coloured chalks.


For our Maths lesson we took part in a treasure hunt and used positional and directional language to write a list of clues for a team to follow in order to find a piece of treasure.  We then followed each other's clues so that we could find the treasure that had been hidden.


This week we have taken part in lots of scientific activities.  We planned an investigation to find out how much of the iceberg that the Titanic collided with was under the water.  In order to find out we made ice balloons and put these in a container of water.  We then measured how much of the ice was on top of the water and how much was below.


We also had a go at making boats out of tin foil and investigated how many marbles each boat could hold before it sank.


Derwent class achieved their class target this week which was to put away their coats and shoes quietly in the school corridor.  Their reward for achieving their target was to do some baking therefore we made some delicious scones together.



12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 2 Curriculum Presentation


6 October 2017 

This week Derwent class have been learning all about 'Verbs' during their English lessons.  They understand that verbs describe an action and that these can be written in the present and past tense.  We played lots of games that involved miming different actions.



21 September 2017                                                                                               

Derwent class have made a great start to the year and are already doing lots of learning about their new topic 'Oceans and Seas'.  They have been busy learning to name and locate the 5 oceans (Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern) and have been carrying out lots of challenges to help them to remember these.