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Deepdale Class 

7th February

Over the last few weeks Year 2 have been working hard rehearsing for their play 'The Enormous Turnip' and this week was performance week. The play was amazing! The class have worked so hard to learn their lines and dances and I was immensely proud of their effort and enthusiasm for the play and for the performance itself. Well done Deepdale, you were all stars!

10th January 2018

Happy New Year!

Today Mrs Eddison, who usually teaches music to our Year 6 children, came in.  She taught us all about the cornet. We absolutely loved listening to her play her some of our favourite tunes.



14th December 2017

This week we have been busy making dragon hand puppets. We cut out all of our own fabric and sewed the pieces together using running stitch, then we stuck eyes, tails and different patterns on. We really had to use our perseverance, risk taking and concentrating keys as it was very tricky! At the end we celebrated our success at making fabulous dragons.



7th December 2017
Today was Christmas dinner day, we made hats to wear.

29th November 2017

Today we were really excited to learn how to create a Word document. We wrote sentences to describe a witch or a dragon to link to the learning we are doing in English.



20th - 24th November 2017

This week we were all so excited to find a dragon egg in our classroom! We waited patiently for it to hatch and to our delight when we came in one morning it had. Sadly, the dragon has disappeared and we can't find it. We thought about what the dragon might look like and where it might live and wrote some super descriptions. We also created missing posters so that other people can help us find him. So if you see a dragon, please let us know!



13th - 17th November 2017

This week in school it is Anti-Bullying Week. We started the week by wearing odd socks to school to show that we are all unique but all special. On Wednesday we spent time in groups travelling around Y1 and Y2 doing lots of different activities such as making our own odd socks and making paper chains of kind words. We have also been learning about what bullying is and what to do if we are bullied.



15th November 2017

This afternoon Leanne from the Skipping School came in to teach us all how to skip. We learnt lots of different skills such as the speed bounce, double bounce and hopping skip. At the end of the session we also got to try out skipping with the long rope. We loved this! Now we need to do lots more skipping to get ready for a skipping competition next year.



1st November 2017

Today in our computing lesson we used a programme called Fix the Factory on the iPads. To complete each level we had to guide the robot around. We had to use all of our Growth Mindset keys, especially our 'Persevering Key' as it could be very frustrating when our instructions did not work.



31st October 2017

Today when we came in from lunch, there was a mysterious suitcase in our classroom. We did not know who it belonged to or where it had come from. Inside there were lots of items like puppets, clothes and a hat. We found out that it belonged to someone a long time ago and was full of things that could be used on the beach.



20th October 2017

This week in science we have been learning all about materials and their properties. We have learnt words like transparent, opaque and waterproof. Today we investigated which materials could be bent, squashed, stretched or twisted.



16th October 2017

Today we have been learning all about icebergs, like the one that caused the Titanic to sink. We made icebergs in the freezer and then put them in to salty water to see what happened. We found out that a lot of an iceberg is hidden under the sea.. Our iceberg was 5cm tall but only 0.5cm showed above the water with 4.5cm hidden beneath. This is why they are so dangerous to ships because they cannot be seen.



13th October 2017

Today in maths we were using our problem solving and reasoning skills. We were given a suitcase to pack for a passenger on the Titanic and we had to work out how we could get the most in to it by packing different shaped items.




12th October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 2 Curriculum Presentation


12th October 2017

Today was Outdoor Learning Day. We used chalk on the playground to practice our joined up handwriting.


For maths we also went outside to practice using positional and directional language by giving each other instructions to find the hidden treasure.



6th October 2017

This week we have been busy making Christmas cards (yes - really!). We have been practising our cutting and painting skills.  We will send our designs to the printing company to be made into real Christmas Cards.




22nd September 2017

Deepdale Class have made a fantastic start to the year and Mrs Rhodes, Mrs Hudson and I are all impressed with how they are settling in to Year 2.

So far we have learnt all about the five oceans as well as the different creatures that live in them. We have also been reading 'The Light House Keeper's Lunch' and the class have learnt some fantastic new vocabulary which they have been using in their writing. In maths we have been learning about place value and I have been very impressed with their maths knowledge so far. Every Thursday we have PE with Mr Anderson and the class have been using this time to show off their amazing gymnastic abilities. The class have also been really excited to start using the school laptops, logging on with their own passwords and learning all about staying safe when working online.

This half term we are focusing on our 'Perseverance key'. So far the class are doing really well and are beginning to say "I can't do it YET..."

Keep looking out for updates and photos of what we have been doing in school.

Miss Gregory