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Holme Class

20th July 2017

Food technology - Making a seasonal salad 

We have really enjoyed researching seasonal fruit and vegetables, designing and making our seasonal salads. We used techniques of chopping and grating to prepare our salads. We all tried what we had made afterwards. Yum! 


13th July 2017

Violin Assembly 

We loved performing in the violin assembly this week and showing off what we have learnt this year. Thank you Mrs Major and Mr Herron for teaching us how to play the violin this year. 



Transition Week - 10th July - 14th July 2017

We have enjoyed the chance to work in Year 4 this week and meet our new teachers. We have done some challenging maths where we had to work as a team and problem solve to find the answer. It was lots of fun! 



 11th July 2017

Science Experiment

In Holme Class, we have carried out an investigation to see how raisins are made. We used grapes and left them in a variety of places in different conditions. We worked out that grapes need light and heat to turn into raisins. Look at what has happened to them so far! 



Food Art

We had a go at sketching fruit and vegetables today. We looked at them in different positions and looked closely at their features and tried to capture these in our sketches. 



Class Treat 

Holme Class have worked really hard to earn a class treat. We decided to have a picnic and a story. Even though the weather wasn't great we still had our treat under the shelter. 




Spanish in Year 3

We have been learning the story of The Hungry Caterpillar in our Spanish lessons and have used picture cards to help us order the text in Spanish. 


Visiting a local restaurant

This week we visited Ephesus Restaurant in Rodley. We really enjoyed the experience of making Turkish food and eating in the restaurant. 





We love Chess!

Children in Year 3 went to Five Lanes Primary School to take part in a chess tournament. They played a mix of children in Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6. They were amazing at showing off their skills and came 2nd. Well done! 



In Holme Class, we work really hard each week on our homework. We were asked to explore shapes. Look at what we created! 




Valley View Election - 08/06/17

Today we got the chance to vote like you adults. We secretly chose the Year 6 team we wanted to vote for and put our vote in the Ballot Box.



Sleepover Fun 

We loved the Year 3 Sleepover. We played out in the sun and had lots of fun!




May 17th 2017

Learning about plants

We have really enjoyed learning all about plants this half term. We even investigated the different parts of plants using magnifying glasses. 






5 May 2017

RAP Poetry

Holme Class have really enjoyed learning to write their own RAP poems with Mrs Robinson. They're really good, don't you think? 

School is Cool

Dashing through the gate, 

I ain't gonna be late. 

I take off my coat, 

And I change ma shoes,

Straight into class,

I zoom like The Flash, 

Yeah, yeah school is cool. 


We love to play chess, 

But Miss doesn't like the mess. 

The kings, the queens, the rooks and the knights,

All together, they fight, fight, fight!

When the game is over, everyone's sad,

'Cos we just wanna play real bad.

Yeah, yeah school is cool.

By Ella, Jayden, Ashley, Zac, Declan and Ruby. 


24 March 2017

Welcome Mrs Robinson 


Holme Class are pleased to welcome Mrs Robinson to our classroom this week. Mrs Robinson will be working in Holme class over the next few weeks as a student teacher. 

Learning maths vocabulary



We have been finding different angles and matching them to their name this week. We also learnt how to find parallel and perpendicular lines in shapes. We can represent these using our body and have a very fun dance lesson and created a routine full of different angles, parallel and perpendicular lines. 


2 March 2017

World Book Day 



23 February 2017

Growth Mindset


We have had a great first week using Growth Mindset to improve our learning in Holme Class. We have set ourselves a challenge to move three balls between the same distance in 30 seconds. We had to use many of the Growth Mindset keys to learning to help us achieve our very best. We had fun doing it too!  




We have really enjoyed our first gymnastics lesson this week. We practised different body shapes and challenged ourselves to see how long we could hold them. 


Stone Age Topic 


We really enjoyed making Stone Age necklaces by using clay.  


8th February 2017

Reading and Performing Poetry


In Holme, we practised reading and performing poetry to the rest of the class. The children even added movements to their performances. It was great to see how much their performance skills have come along this year. 


Friday 3rd February 2017


Holme class enjoyed being active and playing a game a 'Secret Agent' in their P.E session. 


26 January 2017

We had our Year 3 Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to come in and hear about what and how we teach, as well as being able to ask questions of the staff.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentation we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Year 3 Curriculum Presentation 2017


Tuesday 10th January 2017



As part of our Stone Age topic, Holme Class really enjoyed working as a team to build their own settlements. 


We love Chess 


We really enjoy learning the skills it takes to play Chess in Holme Class. 


Thursday 26th January 2017

Holme Class have been perfecting how to hold the bow this week when learning to play the violin. Our skills are really coming along now and we are creating some great sounds. 



Learning to tell the time 

This week in Holme Class we have been learning to read the time to the nearest minute on analogue clocks. We have used the clocks lots to be really precise.