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Loxley Class

6 July 2017

Bread Making

Staff from Warburton's visited to make bread with us.  We learnt about food hygiene and eating healthily before looking at the bread making process.  We kneaded and shaped our dough.  The finished results were very impressive.  The hair net look was less so.


23 June 2017


We have started a new science topic looking at states of matter.  This involves investigating whether a material is a solid, a liquid or a gas.  We looked at three balloons, one with frozen water, one with just water and one filled with water vapour.  We then looked at various solids finding similarities and differences. 

14 June 2017

Bread Tasting

In preparation for learning about the bread making process, we have been researching the history of bread, the different types and tasting.  We sampled, naan, pannini, sour dough, pitta and bagel.


18 May 2017


Staff from Leeds West Academy have been working with us this half term in PE.  Our focus has been batting and fielding in cricket.  Today we practised our bowling which is not easy. 


11 May 2017


We are currently learning all about quadrilaterals which are four sided 2D shapes.  The are a variety of four sided shapes which have many different properties.  We worked together to make different examples.  Some have equal sides, lines of symmetry or right angles.




5 May 2017

Newspaper Report Writing

Following our trip to Rodley Nature Reserve, we have been writing newspaper reports pretending that we saw a tiger there.  The pupils generated lots of exciting ideas.




18 April 2017


A lovely start to the Summer term.  The children had a fantastic trip to Rodley Nature Reserve.  We went bird watching, pond dipping and learnt about bees.  We saw oystercatchers, geese, a little owl, lots of sand martins, a dragonfly nymph, water boatmen, pond snails, sticklebacks and harvest mice.





Can you spot the little Owl?




27 March 2017


As part of our 'managing risk' topic, we took part in a water safety session looking at how to stay safe at the beach and in and around water as well the role of the RNLI.  The pupils found it very interesting and had great fun dressing up.





17 March 2017


Continuing with Science Week, we investigated non-Newtonium fluid which is made from mixing cornflour and water.  This fluid has both liquid and solid properties depending on whether a force is applied to the fluid.  The class had great fun.  We also watched a video of someone running across a swimming pool of custard. 




14 March 2017


It is Science Week and we are taking part in various experiments and demonstrations throughout the week.  This experiment involved watching how colour dissolved and mixed in water from Skittles.  We made predictions, measured the right amount of water and then asked "What if..." questions.



24 February 2017


Having launched growth mindset recently, Loxley Class have really taken to heart, the keys to unlocking our learning.  We have applied what we have learnt to our artwork.  We understand that our first attempt is never our finished piece of work.  In these pictures you will see various first drafts of owls on the left and second drafts on the right.  We made great improvements by looking at giving specific feedback and then persevering and concentrating on improvements.


3 February 2017

PE - Skipping

Last Friday, the children had a skipping coach come in and teach some useful skipping techniques ready for a competition in April (dates to be confirmed).  They learnt the double bounce, the cross over and the pretzel. 



2 February 2017

We had our Year 4 Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to come in and hear about what and how we teach, as well as being able to ask questions of the staff.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentation we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Year 4 Curriculum Evening Presentation



26 January 2017

Science - Electricity

In Loxley Class we have been learning about electrical circuits, how they are made and broken.  We put our skills to the test and made a steady hand game.  The children demonstrated excellent teamwork and problem solving attributes when their game didn't work.




11-13 January 2017

Lineham Farm Residential

We have had the best time at Lineham.  All the children made staff, parents and themselves proud with their "can do" attitude and teamwork.  They threw themselves into the challenges of new surroundings, food, and activities.  We biked, ran, orienteered, climbed, played and even slept over three days.