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Limley Class

11th January 2018

Happy New Year!

What a fantastic start to the new term Limley have had! They have all thoroughly impressed me with their attitude to learning and fantastic behaviour. Last Friday, we had an art afternoon where we could create our own pieces as well as being able to have a more relaxed chat in order to get to know each other better. The pieces of artwork the children have produced are absolutely fantastic and some have even been displayed in the Key Stage 1 Library downstairs!




14th December 2017

Over the last two weeks Limley class have been working on our Science topic of "Sound". The children have been experimenting with string cup telephones. They have changed variables such as string length, cup size, string thickness and the tightness of the string to see which carried the sound most effectively. We also blew into bottles with varying amounts of water in to see how this effected the pitch.




16th November 2017

In art at the moment we are looking at nature and making collage style pictures. The children made a picture from leaves collected in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. They then went on to do some poppy inspired art and made poinsettias out of tissue paper. 



6th November 2017

In our Maths work over the last week, we have been focusing on the perimeter of rectangles and rectilinear shapes. After completing a series of investigations we concluded the week with a challenge. Children had to make a Mondrian art design which incorporated shapes with a certain perimeter. In total they had ten different squares and rectangles to include in their design.   




19th October 2017

Limley class have been busy over the last two weeks finishing off their topic work. As part of their work on the digestive system they have been making a model of teeth out of salt dough, reconstructing molars, canines and incisors.




They have also been making Roman shields and training as Roman army soldiers, learning drills such as forming a testudo.







12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 4 Curriculum Presentation


6 October 2017

This Week Limley Class have started their work on the digestive system. They have had fun imagining that they are molars and incisors chopping up food. Bananas and crackers were put into a bag (simulating the mouth) and water was added (saliva). They then mashed up the food to make it digestible.   As well as the science, in Literacy they have been looking at the the powerful verbs associated with eating and have produced a short diary of an apple being eaten, written in the first person and containing fronted adverbials to make it more effective.

22 September 2017

Limley Class have been enjoying learning about the Romans this half term. They have been looking at where the Romans came from and why they came to Britain. They have also explored what life was like for a Roman soldier stationed here. They particularly enjoyed the work we have done on Boudicca and the artwork we have done, based on a Roman description of her.