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Ribble Class

14th June 2017

Last week the whole school took part in Sports Day. Ribble Class showed excellent teamwork, perseverance and determination throughout the events and fun was had by all. Here are some photos of the day.





20th June 2017

Last week Ribble Class began to read a book called 'The Island' to inspire their writing. After reading the first six pages, we discussed the thoughts and feelings of the characters we had met so far. In small groups, we created thought and speech bubbles for each character and created a freeze-frame of one of the key moments in the story so far. Here are the results.


7th June 2017

Our Greek vases are finally ready to be viewed! They were quite tricky and time consuming to complete, but we are so happy with the result of our hard work and determination. I'm sure you'll agree that they look very much like the real artefact.

17th May 2017

Our music lesson this week entailed the children using the keyboards to create the sound-effect from a drum-kit. Once they had discovered the range of sounds which were available, they then used them to create different beats.


3rd May 2017

Last week, we visited Whitby for our residential. We battled sleet, hail and gale-force winds, but this did not stop us! The whole of Ribble Class were a pleasure to spend time with and were a credit to Valley View. 








21st April 2017

Recently, Ribble Class looked at the poem The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. The class really enjoyed learning the story and even had a go at writing their own endings to the poem using the rhyming pattern of the original. Here is a selection of our work.


Wriggling uncontrollably, Bess was trying to get free,

At last, she did it and was jumping around with lots of glee.

She grabbed hold of a musket and with an all mighty loud BOOM!!!!!!!

The red-coats were dying-


The evil red-coats were dying under the bright moon.


No one knew that the ostler was looking through the old, inn door,

Until, he leaped out and held the highwayman over the purple moor.

Bess began to shriek “Please let go otherwise I will shoot thee,”

Tim the tavern’s ostler listened-


Tim the tavern’s ostler listened and let go did he.

By Emmie


Shattering the icy silence , with a scream that could raise the dead,

Fear was struck in the hearts of the men wearing coats of red.

Turning to were the scream came from ,he slipped passed the deadly hunt,

And the highwayman came riding,-riding-riding

The highwayman came riding ,then charged And burst through the front.

 By James, Marcus, Charlotte, Aaliyah, Rhys and Charlie


Twisting and turning, sweating and bleeding all until she was free,

Hours pasted and she became free she looked out the window all to see.

Only to see the ribbon of moonlight no one else in her way,

But the highwayman game riding


And then the red –coats were know more and know they lay.


Everyone lived happily ever after all except one,

Tim the ostler was not having any kind of fun.

With his heartbroken, tears were running onto his pink cheeks,

Tim the ostler had a big plan

He had a plan, Tim the ostler has a plan and now the rumour leaks.

By Jess


2 March 2017

On Thursday 2nd March we celebrated World Book Day. We took part in a character quiz, completed some tricky maths problems about James and the Giant Peach and even designed a new chocolate bar for Mr Wonka. Here are photos of some of Ribble's favourite literary characters.






23rd February 2017

We had our Year 5 Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to come in and hear about what and how we teach, as well as being able to ask questions of the staff.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentation we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Year 5 Curriculum Evening Presentation


20th February 2017

Just before we broke up for half term, Ribble Class were lucky enough to be given a masterclass in cheerleading. The children learned some movements to create a simple routine, were supported in some basic lifts and finally they watched the coaches perform some tumbles. Perhaps Ribble Class has some cheerleaders in the making!

1st February 2017

During Science lessons we have been learning about the reproduction of plants. During a recent lesson, we dissected a flower to investigate the parts of a plant we had been learning about. As you can see, our findings were really interesting. 




24 January 2017

This week we have been developing our skills in tennis. We had lots of fun practising returning the ball and progressed to playing short matches in doubles. Wimbledon here we come!