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Rother Class

Friday 12th November 2017

Since we have come back after Christmas we have been focusing on multiplication in maths. This has involved us looking at prime numbers. To learn more about them we did an investigation to discover what prime numbers are for ourselves. This was quite tricky but we got there eventually!



Thursday 14th November 2017

Over the past two weeks, we have been enjoying learning all about the Anglo-Saxons. We worked in teams to become experts on a certain area of Anglo-Saxon history. In our groups, we had to research lots of information, display it in an attractive way and decide how we were going to teach the rest of the class all about our specialist area. The work we produced was amazing and we were all very confident at teaching the rest of the class!

Here is some of our work.





Friday 30th November 2017

This afternoon, we have started our new topic on the Anglo-Saxons. We used drama games to discover who they were, where they came from, why they invaded Britain and what happened when they arrived. We then created 'freeze-frames' to explore how the Anglo-Saxons would have felt before they departed on their voyage across the ocean. It was an information-packed afternoon and we had lots of fun!




Monday 27th November 2017

This morning, we have enjoyed our weekly Spanish lesson. We have been practising our vocabulary as well as describing the planets in our solar system. 





Friday 3rd November 2017

We are still busy rehearsing for our performance of 'Twelfth Night' which is fast approaching. We are very excited about performing next week and we hope you are looking forward to seeing it too!


Friday 20th October 2017

This week, we attended our Cast Workshop at the Carriagreworks Theatre. We had a fantastic afternoon where we learnt lots of top tips for performing, worked on a scene from our play and we even got to go an see where we will be performing in November. It made us all very excited!

Here are some pictures from our afternoon. 





Friday 13th October 2017

The performance date for our production of Twelfth Night is fast approaching and we have been busy rehearsing for this in school.

As well as this, we have used the text in our English lessons to help us understand the language within the play. We have done lots of different types of writing to link with it such as play scripts, letters and descriptions of a storm. We were all particularly proud of our persuasive letters, which we wrote from the perspective of a character in Twelfth Night. We spent lots of time writing, proof reading and editing them and we were very pleased with our final typed-up versions!




 12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 5 Curriculum Presentation


Friday 22nd September 2017

This week in Rother Class, we have begun to prepare for our performance of Twelfth Night for the Shakespeare Schools Festival.

We have read our script and watched the Shakespeare Animated Tales to help us to gain an understanding of the story and how the characters are connected. We are now producing some Twelfth Night story boards to show the plot of the play.

As well as this, we have enjoyed taking part in drama games to get us more comfortable with performing in front of each other and not worrying about making mistakes. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!