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Rye Class

20th July 2017

In our last full week in Rye class we are enjoying focusing on our topic; Marvellous Monarchs. In groups, we have selected a British Monarch from throughout history which we have been intrigued by. We are currently researching and producing a presentation for the rest of the class to watch. 

As you can see, we are all hard at work and are eager to make our presentations the most informative and entertaining as we can!


26th June 2017

This half term in Rye class we are doing lots of work around a book called 'The Island.' So far, we have read the first six pages to inspire our writing and our art work.

Last week, we enjoyed creating freeze-frames to help us think about how the characters might be feeling and what they might be thinking at this point in the story. We're sure you'll agree we did a wonderful job at portraying some not very welcoming islanders!



7th June 2017

We have had a fun first day back today in Rye class. We spent some of our morning outside doing team building activities in PE. We had to work in teams to get everyone from one side of the playground to the other. However there was a catch - we weren't allowed to step out of the hoops. If we did we had to start again.

As you can imagine, this was quite tricky at first and it took quite a few attempts to figure out a system which worked. Here are some photographs showing us in action!


17th May 2017

We hope you managed to join us last week for our Whitby assembly. We really enjoyed sharing the information we learnt and telling you all about our time away.

As promised, here are some more photographs of our wonderful Whitby residential!



3rd May 2017

Last week we had a very exciting week in Rye class! 

Not only did we finish our Ancient Greek vases (we're sure you'll agree they look amazing) but we had a fantastic residential to Whitby.

The children were absolutely wonderful to take away and we even got some sleep!















More photos from Whitby coming soon!


21st April 2017

This week we have been busy continuing with our Design Technology project which is making Greek vases. They are taking quite a long time to complete but we have finally got to the stage of adding a base, a top and some of us have even added handles.

We're sure you agree they are beginning to look amazing - even if it did get rather messy! 



3rd March 2017

This week we really enjoyed celebrating World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite book characters, as well as taking part in different book themed lessons.

Here are the some of our wonderful costumes.


23rd February 2017

We had our Year 5 Curriculum Evening tonight.  Parents and Carers were invited to come in and hear about what and how we teach, as well as being able to ask questions of the staff.  If you were unable to make it, you will find a link below to the presentation we shared. If you would like further information, please let us know.

PDF icon  Year 5 Curriculum Evening Presentation


1st February 2017

In Science we have been enjoying our lessons on the reproduction of plants. Last week, we particularly enjoyed dissecting a plant to identify the different parts of the flower. It was tricky not to break some of the more delicate sections but it was worth it when we made some beautiful pictures!


24 January 2017

This week we braved the cold to practise our tennis skills outside!

We started by concentrating on developing our control independently, moving onto playing short rallies in pairs and eventually progressed onto having a go at playing rallies over the net.