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Wenning Class

12th January 2018

What a fantastic time had by all at Robin Wood – well done Year 6! All of our children had the opportunity to experience activities that challenged, developed teamwork and stimulated their imagination. Here are just a few photos. 






15th December 2017

Wenning Class have enjoyed decorating biscuits with their buddies in Reception today.

Merry Christmas and a happy new year!



8th December 2017

Wenning class are working closely with Mrs Wilson to help create a nature area including a pond. Eventually, all children will have the opportunity to maintain this area whilst learning about nature.


1st December 2017

This term the children’s confidence and understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages has significantly improved. Today, in mixed groups, the children used large sheets of paper to create numerous number lines. With their partner, they recorded different percentages, fractions and decimals (using post-it notes) and ordered them accurately
(smallest to largest) on their number lines. They then left them in the correct position on their number line and other groups checked their work, deciding whether they thought they were correct showing appropriate workings.


16th November 2017

In Science, the children had the opportunity to create a variety of circuits. They learnt about different symbols and parallel and series circuits. They realised that in a parallel circuit, if a lamp breaks or a component is disconnected from one parallel wire, the components on different branches keep working. And, unlike a series circuit, the lamps stay bright if you add more lamps in parallel.

                        Image result for parallel and series circuits year 6


3rd November 2017

As part of our English work, in preparation for our court case, the children were split into two groups to prepare their arguments (either for or against) based on a question the class had decided.  A jury created their own mind maps and fed back to each group explaining what type of language they would be looking for in our arguments/court case. Each side had the opportunity to explain their reasons backing each one with evidence.


 13th October 2017

In Science, the children created a coloured wheel using the colours of the spectrum. They learnt about Isaac Newton and how he realised that although light looks white, it is actually made up of all the colours of the rainbow! By quickly spinning their coloured wheels, the colours merged together appearing white to their eyes.



12 October 2017

Today we had our Curriculum Meetings for parents to let you know what and how we teach, and how you can help at home.  You can find the presentation below.

PDF icon  Year 6 Curriculum Presentation


5 October 2017

Children were challenged to create their own periscopes using cereal boxes and mirrors. They recognised that light travels in straight lines by investigating the angles of incidence and reflection.





22 September 2017





In Maths, the children enjoyed investigating and solving a variety of challenging problems. They used their persevering skills and worked with their partners to discuss and share their ideas.