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Arkle Class

March 2020

Thank you to everyone that came to support us at our curriculum evening on Tuesday 3rd March. We hope that you found it useful, for those of you who were unable to join us please find the slides below that you can read at your leisure. We will be placing a question box in the cloakroom so that you can ask questions anonymously, we will hope to answer these via Tapestry.


February 2020

We have been reading some stories about penguins over the last couple of weeks. We read 'The Emperor's Egg' and learned how the male emperor penguin looks after the egg and keeps it nice and warm by tucking it under his tummy. The children even know where emperor penguins live!

Some of the children have enjoyed making homes for the penguins in the construction area and others have made pictures of them.


We have also read 'Lost and Found', which is a story about a penguin looking for a friend. The story introduced us to the word 'Lonely' and the children have been coming up with different ideas to prevent their friends from becoming lonely.

January 2020

We have been learning all about 2d shapes in Nursery. We have been making patterns and pictures in lots of different areas of the classroom and have been using vocabulary such as curved, straight, corner and edge to describe their properties.





The children have been telling us all about their Christmas break and they have all seemed pleased to be back in Nursery. We have welcomed some new children this week and we have been showing them the ropes and making them feel very welcome.


December 2019

Lots of the children joined us for Christmas Dinner day and we all enjoyed our yummy dinner. We made some party hats for the occasion.



We enjoyed having some very special visitors at school this week. The children were very excited to see some real owl and were even brave enough to hold one.




November 2019

In Nursery, we have been looking at lists and what we use them for. First the children tried to collect items that were a specific colour from their list and then had to place a tick next to the correct colour when they had placed the item in their bag.



Then we used a shopping list to collect all the things we needed to make a chocolate apple.



October 2019

This week in Nursery we read a story called 'Pumpkin Soup' and it inspired us to make our own pumpkin soup. All the children had a special job to do whether that be scooping out the pumpkin seeds or peeling and chopping the onion. Once all the ingredients were ready we added it all to the soup maker and added some water and stock. Most of the children were excited to try the soup but some needed a little encouragement. We even toasted some pumpkin seeds to try which lots of the children loved!







The children have been enjoying the wet weather over the past few weeks. We have put on our waterproofs and wellies and had lots of fun in the rain.




September 2019

 It was great to welcome back our existing Nursery children after the holidays and they were very excited to meet our new friends. We have been very busy getting to know each other and learning our class routines. The children have been exploring the classroom both inside and out and the marble run and sand have been particular favourites.