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Arkle Class

9th May 2019

We have been reading a story called 'The Magic Train Ride' in nursery and the children are very good at joining in with the repetitive language in the story. The train stops at different stations such as cake land, a magic wood and underwater. The children works with a partner to draw a picture of where they would like the train to stop. They did a fantastic job of listening to each others ideas!


                         A park with swings, a slide, flowers and bubbles to chase.



                                 A haunted house with a spiky fence in the rain.



                                                          The jungle.


25th April 2019

It has been lovely to have the children back in Nursery after the holidays and the older children have made our new children feel very welcome. They have modeled our routines well and helped the new children to play in the different areas of the classroom. We have enjoyed having a big of sunshine to play out in and had great fun with the new water wall and remodeled mud kitchen.



24th January 2019


We have been learning all about penguins this week. We know where they live, who looks after the penguin chicks and we even looked on google earth to see if we could see any. The children have enjoyed making homes for the penguins and having a go at painting a penguin too.



10th January 2019

Ice Cream Parlour

We have made our very own ice cream parlour in Nursery this week. The children have been taking orders and making lots of yummy ice creams whilst we have been working on our counting skills. The children have enjoyed taking on the role of different characters and eating lots of ice cream!




3rd December 2018

Christmas has arrived in Nursery

This week the children have enjoyed putting up the christmas tree and decorating it. We have also turned the Home Corner into a Santa's Workshop. The children have been busy elves making the presents, wrapping them and sending them to Santa. We have been learning our songs ready for our Shenannigans and we are looking forward to singing them to you.



16th November 2018

Children in Need

Thank you very much for all of your donations for Children in Need today. The children loved meeting Pudsey Bear and we used the 2p coins to make our own Pudsey.




31st October 2018

This week in Nursery we have seen some amazing creations that the children have made. They use a variety of equipment and can't wait to show their friends what they have built!



19th October 2018

This week in Nursery we have been making our own pumpkin soup. We started by scooping the seeds out of a pumpkin then peeling and chopping some onions and potatoes and putting them into the soup making with some vegetable stock. The children waited patiently for it to cook and even made a barrier so nobody could touch it whilst it was hot. The children couldn't wait to try it and most of them thoroughly enjoyed it. We plan to make some more soup using different vegetables soon.




25th September 2018

We have had a great first few weeks in Nursery and the children have started to get to grips with the routines; they know where their coat hangs, where the toilet is and they are even getting really good at tidying up. We have been encouraging the children to use their words to explain themselves and to find a grown up to help them. 

The children have started to learn the names of some of their friends and it is lovely to see them wanting to play with the other children. We have been learning to take turns with each other and giving new activities a go.