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Crimple Class

Thursday 14th March

Year 1 went on their first ever school trip. We visited Abbey House Museum and the children had a wonderful time exploring. The children took part in a workshop focused around toys from the past. The children really enjoyed taking part and loved playing with the old toys. After the trip, we wrote a list of all the old toys we played with and learnt about. They were:

A wooden yoyo
Jacob's Ladder
Cup and ball
Pop gun
Peg doll
Flip flop
Push doll
Homemade toys like the 'spoon doll'
Spinning tops
Tin Cars
Winnie the Pooh - teddy bear
Rocking horse
China Dolls

Thursday 24th January

We have really enjoyed being back at school after Christmas. This term our topic is: Africa. This week we have been reading Mama Panya's Pancakes - A Village Tale from Kenya. The children have had a go at planning their own version of the story. We have had some excellent titles such as, Bella's Sausage and Chips! 

Today the children have had a go at writing the beginning of their stories, following the story map they created. Below are some examples of what the children have written.


'One rainy but sunny morning when there was a rainbow Ella called Edwards. "Get your clothes on, we are going to the market!" Edward was stood in the doorway wearing his clothes. Edward said "I am ready." '


'One winter morning, Bouzer was kicking out the breakfast fire. "Be quick Alba, we are going to the shop" said Bouzer. Alba was wearing her shiniest dress. "I am one step ahead" said Alba. Then they set off to the shop.'


'Mia looked out of the window. She called Bibi, "we are going to the market." Bibi was in her finest top and shorts. "What will we get?" "Oh a little bit and a little bit more." '


Thursday 15th October

We have been learning all about the artist, Gustav Klimt and his famous painting: The Tree of Life. We have been busy in art creating our own Tree of Life pictures using autumnal coloured pastels on a black background. We have also been creating artwork during our challenge time. We have been painting what deciduous trees would look like in all the four seasons. 


Thursday 25th October

This term we our topic was called: Amazing animals including humans. We learnt all about mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians. We also learnt about what animals eat and whether they are a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore.

We also learnt about keeping healthy and fit. As part of this, we learnt all about Florence Nightingale. We loved finding out all about her! We played a game of Chiefs and Indians to show each other how much we knew about her. Did you know that Florence Nightingale was also called the 'Lady of the lamp?' She was born in Italy in 1820. She opened her own school for nursing. 


Thursday 27th September

Wow! What a great start to the new year! All of Crimple class have settled in really well and are enjoying getting stuck into Year 1. This half term we are focusing on the 'adapting' growth mindset key and it has been wonderful to see the children adapting to their new classroom and year group.