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Loxley Class 2019-2020

Thursday 5th March 

We had great fun celebrating World Book Day! We had a fantastic response to the 'Book in a Box' challenge. There were some amazing ideas and we all enjoyed sharing them with the rest of the class. 




Thursday 28th February

This half term we are enjoying performance poetry. We are reading and learning 'The Tyger' by William Blake. Our drama teacher, Miss Christabel is helping us think about using our bodies and our voices to create effect. 


Thursday 6th February 

In Loxley class we have been learning how to read maps. We have found out about map symbols and grid references and have used our new skills to locate places on Yorkshire. 

Thursday 16th January 2020

The children were amazing at Lineham Farm during our residential visit. Behavior was exemplary, as was the children's attitude towards all the activities. We were cold at wet for much of the time, but not a complaint was heard - a credit to school and home! 



Thursday 19th December 

Merry Christmas from Loxley Class! We hope families enjoy their lighting decorations as much as we enjoyed making them!

Thursday 5th December 

We really enjoyed testing different materials to see weather or not they would conduct electricity. 

Thursday 21st November 

Loxley class really enjoyed using electrical components to build circuits. They looked at some circuit drawings, predicted whether or not the circuit would light then build them to test their predictions. 


Thursday 7th November 

This term the children are learning about electricity. They enjoyed looking at different battery powered lights that you might find around the home, investigating what the light is made from and how it lights up. 


Thursday 24th October

This week the children have been making Roman purses! They have cut material, sewn using back stitch and will later add a drawstring closing. Some found it trickier than others, but everybody persevered and produced a fabulous outcome!







Thursday 10th October

In Science, we have been exploring sound. We have learnt about how sounds can be loud or quiet, how vibrations cause sound and we are now investigating pitch. We looked at some instruments and asked how we can play high and low notes on each one. 





Thursday 26th September

In R.E the children have been learning about Guru Hargobind, . They listened to his story, then used drama to retell how he and 52 princes were released from prison. The children explored how this is celebrated during Diwali. 

Thursday 12th September

The children have settled in very well to Loxley class. We have discussed Year 4 expectations and routines and we are already settling in and finding our feet! The children tell me they are looking forward to our future Lineham Farm visit and continuing with their Spanish and violin lessons.