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Valley View Community Primary School

Lunchtime Team

Lunchtime Team


Mr P Richards

Lunchtime Team Leader


I have been working in schools for 24 years.

Every day is a different challenge.  At Valley View we have great staff and children with the same goals.  My job at Valley View is so diverse and has many different tasks every day.

The best thing about my job is every day is unexpected and you never know what's round the corner.  There have been so many funny moments as children say the funniest things every day.

A word to describe me:'Responsible'.





Mrs L Staveley

Deputy Lunchtime Leader


I have been working in schools for about 4 years now.

I enjoy working at Valley View as everyone is so helpful and friendly. I find working in the school environment such a rewarding job, just the little everyday things that mean so much to some children make me smile.

The best thing for me about working at Valley View is the feeling of togetherness. All the staff look out for each other and the children are so friendly and happy that it makes it a joy to come to work.

If I had to describe myself I would say I am patient and caring.




Mr T Ormondroyd

Sports Coach


I have been working in schools since 2013 and in Valley View since 2014.

I enjoy my job as it is fantastic trying to inspire and help the kids achieve great things. It's great seeing a huge smile on their faces. 

I enjoy working in this school as there is a great bond with all the teachers and children. I feel like we have great trust as well, as I am trusted to do my job knowing that it will get done to a good standard. 

I would say the best thing has been achieving highs in sporting events, such as being proud of the children developing into fantastic people and winning sport events such as the Bramley Olympics (four times in a row).

One word to describe me is 'Enthusiastic'.



Mrs A Roome

Lunchtime Assistant


I've been a School Governor since 2011 but after working briefly at another school in Leeds, I joined the team at Valley View in March 2016.

I love working in a school because of the diversity of the things I do and the people I meet - no day is the same! I particularly like working at Valley View because we are one big family.

Funny and amazing things happen often in school, but I remember being on a trip to Armley Mills Victorian school room and the very strict school mistress told some of the adults off for not listening, the children thought it very funny but no-one dared laugh!

A word to describe me would be 'Supportive'.




Mrs L Broadbent

Lunchtime Assistant

I have been working in schools for 30 years.

I love seeing children begin in Reception and watching them grow, getting to know their different characters until they leave in Year 6.

I thoroughly enjoy my job – it’s challenging and rewarding at the same time – each day is different.

With each new intake of Reception children, there’s always one that says “I am only 4 years old, and I’m nearly as big as you!”  My reply is always by the time you’re in Year 6 you’ll be even bigger than me!

A word to describe me is 'Committed'.



Mrs J Cousins

Lunchtime Assistant

I have been working in schools for 10 years including voluntary/ employed.

The best thing is making a difference, seeing children grow in confidence and enjoy learning.

The best thing was performing a 'Reach for the stars' song and dance with a group of colleagues as a surprise leavers' assembly for the Year 6 children and our Headteacher's retirement.

A word to describe me is 'Adaptable'.




Mrs P Dickinson

Nursery Lunchtime Assistant


I have worked in schools for 25 years on and off.  At Rodley and Valley View continuously for the last 15 years.

I enjoy working in school.  It’s a super place to work – so much going on.  No two days are ever the same.  As for working at lunchtimes and breakfast club, when the children have been fed and watered, been kept safe and cared for, then it’s a job well done.  It’s good to feel you’ve been a part of a team of staff that works well together and have made that happen.

So many things have been funny – like the time I made meringues with the children which turned out like pancakes, or I got stuck in the rings on the ski slope at Xscape whilst on a school trip and I couldn’t get out for laughing and no one else could help for laughing! – to the things the children say or do that make me laugh.  The best and most amazing thing ever is when a child achieves something that they have once struggled with and you see the look of pride on their face (Wow, wow, wow!)

A word to describe me: 'Caring'.




Mrs V Ellis

Lunchtime Assistant

I have worked in schools for 28 Years

I find working with children to be rewarding; being part of their school years, seeing them develop from shy Reception children to confident Year 6s, knowing I have helped.

One of my funniest moments was whilst working in the dinner room, I slipped on food, almost falling and the whole dinner room cheered!

A word to describe me would be: 'Dedicated'.






Mrs J Johnston

Lunchtime Assistant

I have been working in schools for 17 years.

I love helping children achieve their best, not only academically, but personally.  I love to interact with children of all abilities including those with SEN, social and emotional needs and those who have behaviour needs.  It’s challenging at times, but overall, the respect is always there.  My job goes beyond just teaching knowledge and skills – it’s about making  a personal connection with children.

A word to describe me is 'Supportive'.




Mrs K Moore

Lunchtime Assistant

I have worked in school for 4 years.

I like the different everyday challenges working in school brings and the enjoyment of seeing children happy and learning.

My favourite moments are when children have struggled with a task for a while but still persevered on, the moment they understand how to do it and can then do it independently is fantastic.  To me the best moments working in school are seeing the children achieving,  learning and smiling.

The word to describe me as a professional: 'Dedicated'.




Mrs A Wordsworth

Lunchtime Assistant

10 years – I started working in schools as a lunchtime supervisor, then a classroom volunteer, completed a NVQ and was then employed as a Teaching Assistant.

I like working with children and like to think I am making a positive contribution to their development.

I find this school friendly and welcoming; the staff are great, as are the children and I am so glad that I am part of the team, and being given the opportunity to work in a great school.

A word to describe me is 'Committed'.




Mrs L Ward

Lunchtime Assistant


I have been working in school for 15 years.

I always wanted to work with children, even when I left school, but ended up working in a department store for 13 years, having only meant to stay for a year!  It took a while, but now I am working with children!

A funny thing that happened is when a Year 4 child once asked to go to the toilet, and I told him to go straight in and out again. He then asked to go to the toilet again a few minutes later, and when I said “You’ve only just been,” he said but you told me to go in and out again, I didn’t actually go to the toilet!

A word to describe me would be: 'Confidential'.




Miss K Wilkinson

Lunchtime Assistant

I have been working in school for 6 years.

No two days are the same and I love watching children grow and learn.

Working in Reception every day has funny moments - it always makes me smile when the minis invite me to have tea at their house!

A word to describe me is: 'Patient'.





Mrs T Wilson

Lunchtime Assistant

I have spent 20 years in education – 10 years in Post-16 education and 10 years in primary schools.

The best part of the job is watching the children grow and mature through their school life.  Occasionally when they return to visit from high school I am amazed by the confident young adult in front of me.

One of my best memories of Valley View is on a “Snow Day” when we were able to go out and build snow castles and snowmen, then warming up with cups of hot chocolate when we came in.  When I come to school I feel like part of an extended family and friends sharing lots of good times.

A word to describe me: 'Patient'.